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Shenzhen Minyue Blueprint Technology Co., Ltd. is a new type of powerful mobile phone accessories and a variety of electronic materials processing recycling professional recycling, in addition, it is a collection of mobile phone lens , recycling camera chip , recycling mobile phone camera module and other services In one company. The company is mainly engaged in the recycling and supply of mobile phone accessories and electronic components inventory; 瀛越蓝图科技 has its own processing factory: wide recycling range, prompt delivery, abundant inventory, a fixed registered address, guaranteed to customers Reliable and many other advantages, the headquarters is located in Shenzhen, the business scope covers Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Huizhou, and other Pearl River Delta regions; Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other Yangtze River Delta regions, as well as the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The company adheres to the tenet of “honesty, cooperation, win-win, original quality, customer first”, and large-scale processing with many large enterprises (such as Foxconn, BYD, BBK, AUX, Daling, Haoyu...). Factory, mobile phone factory, OEM foundry, mobile phone memory chip manufacturer, display manufacturer, cable, connector and other manufacturers, professional mobile phone camera module factory has established a good cooperative relationship, and has won the credibility and support of many customers. . The blueprint of the blueprint is honest and win-win, so that you are satisfied with the percentage.

Supply category: 瀛越蓝图 has a large number of stocks in stock for a long time, various accessories for mobile phones; mobile phone camera modules; recycling of various types of lenses; large supply of OV, recycling of magnesium, recycling of BYD, recycling of Samsung, recycling of SONY, recycling of OV, recycling of Toshiba, Recycling Panasonic, recycling Hynix, recycling wonders, recycling Gecomi, and other types of sensor chips, recycling camera wafers, recycling mobile phone fonts, recycling mobile phone memory chips, recycling EMCP, recycling EMMC, recycling DDR, recycling LPDDR, recycling TF Card, recycle SD card, recycle expansion card. Recycling mobile phone display, recycling LCD screen, recycling cable, recycling mobile phone fingerprint, recycling fingerprint button, recycling fingerprint module, recycling fingerprint IC, recycling fingerprint return button, recycling connector parts, etc. . The product accessories mentioned above have not been listed in detail, but we guarantee that you need the complete range of accessories, abundant inventory, excellent price, fast delivery, original quality, etc. If you fail to provide your needs, we We are willing to transfer the goods for you in time to protect your company's needs. Dedicated to the majority of end customers and dealers to provide thoughtful service.

Recycling camera category: 瀛越蓝图 long-term high price acquisition of factory inventory, personal inventory, scrapped defective products, sluggish goods, factory production of defective products, semi-finished products, court auctions, transfer of clearance, customs clearance, bankruptcy electronics factory and other inventory, to the most reasonable The price and the most ardent service help new and old customers to digest the backlog of inventory and quickly withdraw funds. The company specializes in recycling mobile phone lenses, recycling mobile phone lens caps, recycling reversing cameras, recycling reversing cameras, recycling car lenses, recycling camera caps, recycling photo sensors, recycling camera chips, recycling camera lenses, recycling camera modules, recycling scrap cameras, recycling Photographic head, recycling camera, recycling COB chip, recycling PLCC, recycling CSP, recycling BGA sensor chip, recycling camera wafer, recycling photocell, recycling CMOS chip and various SENSOR finished semi-finished products inventory, recycling mobile phone camera, recycling display Screen driver IC, recycling surveillance camera, recycling CCD, recycling camera wafer, recycling photosensitive wafer, recycling various brand cameras, recycling vivo camera, recycling oppo camera, recycling Meizu camera, recycling red rice, millet, HTC, hammer, nuts Camera...etc. All related camera ICs are in stock. Cash transactions, door-to-door recycling, reasonable prices, and Hong Kong goods transactions, providing sufficient convenience for foreign-funded enterprises.

Recycling mobile phone memory chips; The company has long-term large-scale recycling of various electronic materials and original or disassembled material stocks, customs goods, recycling factory inventory, recycling tablets, recycling laptops, recycling various mobile phones, recycling various engineering machines, recycling Network machines, etc. Recycle mobile phone ic, recycle motherboard chip inventory, and recycle gps finished semi-finished products. Recycling inventory u disk, recycling solid state hard disk, recycling mobile phone hard disk, recycling SSD, recycling old and new memory. Recycling various flash chips, recycling memory chips, recycling flash chips, recycling EMMC, recycling EMCP, recycling DDR, recycling LPDDR, recycling ARM, recycling flash granules, recycling Samsung k9 series. Recycling SONY chip, recycling Hynix chip, recycling magnesium chip, recycling Toshiba chip, recycling black film, recycling white film, recycling black colloid, recycling BGA series chip, recycling TF card, recycling XD card, recycling SD card, recycling CF card , recycling M2 card, recycling crystal, recycling MSM series, recycling font, ti / bb advantage ic. Recycling electronic small materials, recycling power amplifier ic, recycling ov chips, recycling Bluetooth IC, recycling WIFI, recycling resistance inductance, recycling filter, recycling led LCD screen, ov camera monitoring sensor chip and other digital electronic products (according to customer needs, cash on-site ).

Recycling mobile phone accessories category: 瀛越蓝图 professional recycling of various mobile phone accessories. Recycling mobile phone motherboard, recycling mobile phone fingerprint, recycling fingerprint button, recycling fingerprint cable, recycling mobile phone fingerprint return button, recycling mobile phone fingerprint module, recycling mobile phone fingerprint module, recycling mobile phone fingerprint IC, recycling mobile phone fingerprint identification, recycling mobile phone LCD screen, recycling Mobile phone display, recycling mobile phone tail cable, recycling mobile phone connector, recycling mobile phone lens, recycling mobile phone boot cable, recycling mobile phone volume button, recycling mobile phone charger, recycling mobile phone data cable, recycling mobile phone case, recycling mobile phone middle frame, Recycle mobile phone batteries, recycle drive ICs, recycle LCD screen ICs, recycle screen fingerprints, and more.

Recycling scrapped gold-plated pieces: Recycling mobile phone scrapping driver ICs, recycling scrapped camera heads, recycling used mobile phone cables, recycling LCD driver ICs, recycling mobile phone scrap fingerprints, recycling mobile phone scrap chips, and recycling used mobile phone motherboards.

Some of the materials and components listed in the company's collection and supply may not be exhaustively listed. Manufacturers, companies, traders and self-employed individuals who need to deal with them are welcome to inquire. The company cooperates with your operation and can also collect cash at home.